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We are asking parents to be vigilant in monitoring your children’s health and activities. Please remember if your child has tested positive and may be asymptomatic, they are carriers of the virus and may pass it to parents and grandparents if proper quarantine measures are not implemented.

The wearing of masks is mandated when indoors; outdoors, the wearing of masks is only recommended when social distancing cannot be maintained. Thank you for voluntarily complying with this recommendation, especially when transacting business at our Municipal offices.

Borough Hall Is Open To The Public - Upon Entering Borough Hall Masks & Proper Social Distancing Must Be Displayed.

IMPORTANT! Please be advised that if you are coming to Sea Girt from areas identified as “hot spots” (areas with high COVID19 infection rates), you are advised that you should self-quarantine for a period of 7 days so as not to inadvertently spread the virus.

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Your cooperation is necessary and it is appreciated.

If you are suspected, presumed or confirmed positive or under home quarantine that you remain home until such time that your quarantine has been lifted or you have cleared the virus and are no longer infectious.

Baltimore Blvd. Park is open for sporting activities, including organized sporting activities, provided that they do not involve person-to-person contact or routinely entail individuals interacting within six feet of one another. Any sporting activities that involve person-to-person contact or individuals routinely interacting in close proximity (within six feet of one another) will remain prohibited in any setting.

All essential retail establishments in Sea Girt must require workers and customers to wear cloth face coverings while on the premises in accordance with Executive Order # 122.  If a customer refuses to wear a cloth face covering for non-medical reasons and if such covering cannot be provided to the individual by the business at the point of entry, then the business must decline entry to the individual. 

The Borough of Sea Girt is committed to keeping the community informed as we all work together through this public health crisis. This page is intended to provide information regarding municipal operations, Federal and State actions and additional resources that will help our residents navigate this constantly evolving situation. Please take the time to view the resources available on the left side of this page. 

Protect the health of our sanitation crews, please dispose of all trash in sealed (tied tightly) trash bags! 

Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper into the sanitary sewer system.  There should be absolutely no toilet flushing of improper items such as discarded gloves, masks or wipes into the sewer system.  Such improper discharge of these items into the sewer system is strictly prohibited and causes blockage to the system that can be very costly to the Borough and the homeowner.