Dog Policy For Sea Girt Beaches

Dogs on Sea Girt Beaches:
Permitted but Leashed: September 16 to May 14
Prohibited: May 15 to September 15 (Summer)

Throughout the spring and summer seasons the Sea Girt and National Guard Beaches have 

Piping Plover and other endangered bird species nestings.

♦ Please view the attachment below ♦

Unleashed dogs chase birds, destroy nests and kill chicks. Plovers are so difficult to see on beaches that it is extremely easy to miss seeing a bird that your dog is chasing. Even when they are on leashes, dogs can frighten and kill birds.

With this presence of threatened and endangered species in the area your compliance is mandated by the DEP.

For those people who have already been warned, citations may be issued.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.