Public Works

Infrastructure maintenance is a primary duty of the Department of Public Works (DPW). Maintaining the roadways throughout the Borough is achieved by performing tasks such as sweeping the roads, cleaning and repairing of catch basins and drainage facilities, maintenance and repair of traffic signs, blacktop maintenance and repair of pot holes, and landscaping of grass and bush on the roadside. The basic maintenance of all municipal buildings, parks, recreational fields, courts, and facilities, in addition to beaches and other structures is the responsibility of the DPW as well.

Trash & Recycling Pick-Up Zones

Zone 1

Baltimore Blvd.

New York Blvd.

Brooklyn Blvd.

Chicago Blvd.

Beacon Blvd.

The Terrace


Zone 2

Philadelphia Blvd.

Boston Blvd.

The Crescent, Crescent Parkway

Washington Blvd.

Trenton Blvd.

Stockton Blvd.

Neptune Place

Seaside Place

Sea Girt Ave.

  • All trash and recycling containers must be 34 gallons or less and weigh 40 pounds or less; cans larger than 34 gallon capacity and/or overweight cans will not be picked up.
  • Recycling containers must also have holes in the bottom to drain off liquids and rainwater.
  • Oversized or "robo-type" cans cannot be used for household trash, leaf, brush or recycling collection.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael McArthur Public Works Manager 732-449-6463 x310
Trevor Palmer Assistant Manager 732-449-6463 x310
Tara Vermillion DPW Administrative Assistant 732-449-6463 x310