Water Rates

(Ordinance 17-2013 - Adopted 7.10.2013, Effective 8.8.2013)

All water delivered in the Borough of Sea Girt except special service connections for public and private fire hydrants and private sprinkler systems and temporary construction/demolition water supplies shall be measured by meters and sold and charged at the rate of $7.20 per thousand gallons as registered on said meter. A minimum charge applies. Multiple meters will result in multiple charges.

Water rates are based on meter size and billed quarterly at the rates shown below:

Meter SizeCharge Per Quarter
3/4 inch or less$32.50
1 inch$54.50
1-1/2 inch$110.50
2 inch$175.50
3 inch$328.50
4 inch$542.50
6 inch$1,090.00
8 inch$1,750.00

All questions pertaining to water or sewer bills should be directed to the Water and Sewer Collector's Office located at Borough Hall, (732) 449-9433 ext. 112.

All questions pertaining to meter readings should be directed to the Water Department located at Public Works, (732) 449-6463.